Protect your business from ADA Compliance lawsuits,While bringing your website to a wider audience

Whether you are a small or large business, we can help your organization create incredible online experiences while achieving ADA Compliance goals.

Accessibility for everyone

Attract new potential customers by having an accessible website. Avoid lawsuits while building an inclusive online experience by fulfilling ADA requirements.

Web Development

Having an accessible website doesn't mean it has to be only function over design. We build sites that are elegant and simple to navigate.

Brand Perception

Show your customers that you are actively working towards a fully accessible website. This shows that you care about being inclusive of others and at the same time improving SEO metrics with a compliant website.

Website Accessibility Audit

We can provide an in-depth review of your website or application accessibility. This includes:

  1. Identifying  and explaining WCAG 2.1 guidelines and Compliance levels.
  2. Running user testing to identify accessibility problems and eliminate false flags from auto ada compliance tools.
  3. Recommendations for fixing each guideline that failed initial testing.

Website Accessibility Repair

After an audit is made we can implement the recommendations we provided if you do not have a development team in your organization.

  1. Every site is unique. The fixes made are exclusive to your website or application.
  2. We work on many popular platforms such as WordPress and Shopify. As well as enterprise applications or educational modules.
  3. We can support your dev team or offer our own to get you through the audit implementations.

Website Accessibility Consulting

We can offer our large list of services to your organization in a partnership. You can offer accessibility services to your clients and we can handle the rest. Our consulting can include:

  1. One on one online meetings with the client leadership.
  2. Personalized audits and reports for your clients as the project matures.
  3. Instructions on how to implement accessibility into their workflow everyday.

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