ACA Compliance

What is ACA Compliance?

The Accessibility Canada Act (ACA) is a federal law in Canada that requires industries to comply with accessibility rules. It was put into force on July 11, 2019.

Why you should care about the ACA

The Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization (CASDO), will develop accessibility standards in collaboration with the disability community and industry.

It is a more generic standard but enforces the “removing barriers” for people with disabilities on the web.

A screenshot of the Canada Accessibility Website.

Link to the webpage for Making an accessible Canada for persons with disabilities:

Accessibility Standard Regulations

With the governing board they also require companies that need to be compliant with ACA standards to submit regular reports.

  1. Accessibility Plans: To report their strategy as a company to reach compliance standards and meeting their legal obligations. Companies must publicly publish these plans and let the Government of Canada know when they are published and have it updated every three years.
  2. Progress Reports: This report should detail the company’s implementation of the its above Accessibility Plan.

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