EAA/EN 301549

What is EAA/EN 301549 Compliance?

The European Accessibility Act (EAA) is a legislation that was passed in the European Union in April 2019. It requires accessibility for all digital content, products, and services.

The EN 301549 is a policy produced by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). They regulate the online space and defines the official standards for web accessibility.

What are the requirements of the EAA?

The EAA doesn’t specifically state accessibility standards or requirements for compliance, it generally leaves it up to interpretation by the law. In practice, most companies follow the guidelines by EN 301549 policy.

european innovation partnership en301549 policy website

A screenshot of the European Innovation Partnership website with the EN 301549 policy.

Link to EN 301549 Policy Page: https://ec.europa.eu/eip/ageing/standards/ict-and-communication/accessibility-and-design-all/en-3015492015_en

Who should follow the EAA guidelines?

It has clear guidelines on who should follow the guidelines for accessibility. They include some of the following:

  1. Computers
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Audiovisual media
  5. Public transport
  6. Banking
  7. eBooks
  8. eCommerce stores

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